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Bonds and Kindness

My First Sketches

My very first art collection. Well, really my very first drawings. I started drawing late 2013. Wow, how times flies. This is my first-time look at these drawing in a long time and geez Louise, I am having flashbacks of all the people I would run up to at work. I was so proud of these drawings, sure that they were worth the risk of my entire devotion. But boy will I tell yah, if my present self saw these same pictures coming from someone else, I would probably say, “….emmmm not so sure you should quit your day job for these.”


Yet that is exactly what I did. I tried to keep these first sketches in the order they were made, I hope the website honors the chronology but either way sheesh! I look forward to how much better I will be in another few years.


Enjoy these for now, if you can ::ugh::

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